Multi vehicle lifting system (MVLS)

Kategorie: Hydraulic Lifts

Multi vehicle lifting system (MVLS) This mobile system can lift all Military vehicles wheels free. HEMET, LMTV, FMTV, HLS, PLS, STRYKER, HET, HET trailer, LMTV Trailers, PLS trailers, MRAP, and one system can lift two HUMMWV’s at the same time.(including up armored vehicles).

The MVLS will allow you to perform services and repairs in half the time needed now, is deployable, allows you to lift all your vehicles with One system, is mobile and can be stored easily when not in use, can be use indoors or outdoors, and is safe and easy to use.

Technical Data

  • Lifting capacity: 44 US Ton
  • Lifting speed: 0 to 2.06 meter under load   69 sec
  • Lower speed: 2.06 Meter  42 sec
  • Motor: 4.8 KW  380/400 V  50 Hz
  • Pump pressure: 208 Bar
  • Ground platform: 140cm X 150cm
  • Lifting height: 2.06 Meter
  • Over all height: extended 4.20 cm
  • Weight per column: 960 kg
  • Special MRAP Adapter
  • Connecting fork: 102 cm X 45cm
  • Extra-long control cables.
  • 16 Meter long with drive over protection coating


MVLS Special adapters for lifting All Military vehicles

  • LMTV, To include LMTV Wrecker and trailers
  • FMTV
  • HLS, PLS, To include Trailers
  • HEMET, to include HEMET Wrecker
  • HET, To include Het trailer
  • MRAP special adapter for MRAP Lifting System as required
  • XM1240 caiman MTV-AMB
  • MAXX Pro Pluss ISS-AMB
  • M-ATV Troop
  • Recovery Veh Sys Trk W/Trl
  • 0 to 22 US ton capacity per Adapter

Price with delivery set-up and training

1ea Set       42,500.00  Euro


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